Simply Precise

WM1 Gantry Series

Featuring an inherently rigid granite base and a compact, ergonomic design.
Hifh-precision measuring machine with integrated image processing features, specially conceived for the measurement of large

  • stamped parts
  • milled parts
  • plastic parts
  • rubber parts
  • printed circuit boards

Your benefit of WM1 Gantry Series

  • Camera-based acquisition of measurement data
  • Precise edge detection in transmitted or incident light thanks to intelligent image analysis algorithms
  • Fast and convenient handling combinded with ultra-high measurement precision
  • Ready for transformation into a multi-sensor device

Basic equipment of WM1 Gantry Series

  • Measurement and analysis software SAPHIR
  • 3-axis CNC control
  • High-resolution CCD matrix-array camera
  • Fixed lens with 1.5-fold magnification (approx. 39-fold magnification on the screen)
  • LED ring light for incident light illumination, 4 sectors and 1 ring − separately switchable
  • Precision measurement stage made of granite
  • Diode laser installed as a positioning aid
  • Joystick for axis control, with fast/slow speed selection
  • 21.5” TFT flat screen monitor
  • Colour inkjet printer

Optional features of WM1 Gantry Series

  • Touch-trigger (tactile) probe TP200
  • Motorised zoom lens 0.58x - 7x, 8 steps, incl. coaxial incident light illumination
  • 4-step zoom lens with a field of view of up to 65 x 55 mm
  • Fixed lens with large field of view

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