A shaft measurement device adapted 100% to the customer´s needs - fast, mobile and smart!

MWM Description

Mobile shaft measurement device

Cordless in the smart factory

The MWM mobile shaft measurement device represents a perfect balance of optical and mobile intelligent measurement technology on the road to Industry 4.0. The mobile measuring unit together with the full-ruggedized toughbook is uniquely predestined for such applications. Large parts, in particular, always represent a special challenge. Even for necessary small measurements, complex machines are required in order to be able to hold the workpiece. The measuring unit can be taken directly into the production environment and mounted on the shaft. The camera image scans the relevant measurement points in the transmitted light and a green or red LED shows the operator within seconds whether the workpiece complies with the specifications. And of course, the whole analysis takes place in the background in the SAPHIR measurement and analysis software. The difference here, however, lies in the details: The whole system is cordless and can supply the measurement results to be evaluated statistically even worldwide using a cloud solution.

Individual and still absolutely precise

The MWM can be adapted exactly to your measurement application. A flexible modular system opens up a broad spectrum of possible solutions, through to the multi-camera unit. The SAPHIR measurement and analysis software even allows several measuring units to be integrated and managed at the same time. A clear benefit for you and a multi-dimensional profit: In addition to the simple saving in time and costs, easier handling has been achieved for the operator and the use of additional equipment and machines can be eliminated.

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