TMM 300

Description TMM 300

Bridge-type 3D coordinate measurement machine

Simple measurement, highly precise and inexpensive, as standard and special solution – the TMM 300 offers the ideal solution for every measurement application.

Fields of application of the TMM 300

The new TMM 300 is designed to be in the midst of the action – directly involved in the production environment!
This is exactly where the TMM demonstrates its strengths and accurately controls the processes for ensuring sustainable product quality.

Thanks to the powerful U-SOFT SOLID ultra software package, the TMM is a team player within the automation chain, communicating with all of the integrated systems and thus guaranteeing a smooth process with the highest level of quality. The extensive basic package and high-performance options ensure that the TMM series can be adjusted to the task and environment.

Special features of the TMM Series

The robust, dimensionally stable granite construction with inclined bed insert guarantees reproducible measurement values throughout the working day.

Sensor system:
The TMM 300 can optimally be adjusted to the measurement task with the perfectly integrated tactile, scanning, vertically- and swivel-mounted measuring probes from Renishaw.

Measurement volume: 
Measuring ranges of 300 mm in the X-axis of 200 mm in the Y-axis are optimally rounded off by the measuring range of 300 mm in the Z-axis.

In addition to the technically optimum design, assistance systems have been integrated in the standard device to ensure it withstands harsh day-to-day production conditions. This includes temperature compensation for all three axes and the workpiece. The TMM series also relies on energy-efficient motor technology that stands out for minimising the build-up of heat and low consumption values.

A reliable measurement is not guaranteed if vibrations in the ground become excessive. Active vibration damping protects the measurement machine against environmental influences. These can be adjusted to the relevant size of the machine and can optionally be added during the configuration of your measurement machine.

The latest computer and control systems guarantee the fault-free operation of your measurement machine and ensure the unrestricted and perfectly timed flow of data within the automation chain. The Eagle Pro machine control system is the centrepiece for ensuring that the measurement machine operates accurately. 

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