Simply Precise



Optional features of the WMM series

  • Fully integrated CNC rotation axis SK40, SK50 or HSK63
  • Incident illumination for the measurement of grooves, oil gallery bores, blind holes, and milling contours
  • Touch-trigger or scanning probe allowing measurement of special shapes, such as gear teeth, non-cylindrically symmetric contours, impeller wheels etc.
  • Digitisation and BestFit
  • Wide variety of clamping devices, such as dead and live centres, precision jaw chucks, precision collet chucks, hollow centres, etc.

Standard features of the WMM series

  • Measuring range of up to 1200 mm in length, and up to 400 mm in diameter
  • Ultra-fast measuring technique due to triggered data acquisition by means of a high-resolution CCD matrix camera
  • Highly accurate measurement also of lengths by means of a contour focussing element, even beyond the central axis
  • Teach-in programming
  • Automatic generation of measurement reports, graphical measurement reports, and first-sample test reports in accordance with VDA (Association of the German Automotive Industry)

Special assets of the WMM series

  • High measuring accuracy and precision
  • Easy operation
  • Outstanding measuring speed
  • Excellent data reporting
  • Ergonomic design with optimum accessibility

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» Download tech. specifications WMM 300-1200