What do calibration authorities and the Formula 1 have in common? Quite simple: They both attach great importance to precision – and therefore measure using measuring equipment from Schneider Messtechnik. From Asia to the USA, from Oslo to Cape Town: Our products are in use today in practically every branch of industry around the globe. Innovative solutions from Bad Kreuznach are in demand particularly in the automotive and components industry, medical technology, machine engineering and toolmaking and in the aerospace, electrical engineering and plastics processing industry.

Innovation by tradition

Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH has been a successful player in domestic and international markets for more than seventy years. The company today ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of ultra-precise optical and multi-sensor measuring instruments, and with good reason: Regardless of the industry in which our customers operate, investment security, efficiency and precision are key to their success. Keeping this precious key in shape is our constant commitment, and we embrace this challenge with a keen sense of responsibility, meticulous accuracy and strong innovative power.

Over the course of many decades, we have developed an immeasurable wealth of know-how and expertise – for the direct and immediate benefit of our customers. Ongoing customer dialogue has helped us to optimise our range of products and services in line with ever-changing market demands: Permanent progress propelled by above-average quality standards ensures top-notch products designed to serve discerning customers – and thus provides solutions that are both economically and practically viable.

The big strength is in the tiny detail

Regardless of whether you opt for one of our high-quality standard products or for a customised solution: Our optical and multi-sensor measuring machines will give you the well-conceived, cutting-edge technology that you need to excel – in all areas and at all levels. Our products are renowned for many strengths: for their outstanding durability, ultimate reliability and, above all, for accuracy and precision to the smallest detail. This big strength has repercussions: It shows in the quality and efficiency with which our national and international customers master their daily measuring tasks; it is reflected in their own customers’ satisfaction and, last but not least, it comes to light in their solid competitive strength.

On land, on sea and in the air

From Eastern Europe to the U.S., from Hamburg to Tokyo: Innovative measuring products made by Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH are in use around the globe in almost any industry. Numerous world-renowned companies and organisations have come to appreciate the many benefits of Dr. Heinrich Schneider precision technology. Our customers rely on our experience, our know-how and on the comprehensive services we provide. We respond to their trust with utmost commitment and the unwavering pursuit of excellence in terms of know-how and technological development.

Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

Always a good choice

The vast array of ultra-precise optical and multi-sensor measuring instruments developed by Schneider offers customised solutions to almost any problem, whatever the industry or application may be. Cutting-edge features characterise even our standard range, which has many highlights and options in store for you:

  • All measuring instruments made by Schneider provide perfect precision and correspond to the latest state of the art. Easy familiarisation and intuitive software handling are a matter of course and help to save time, money and valuable resources.
  • The use of high-quality components throughout the entire manufacturing process ensures reliable measurement results, almost maintenance-free operation and substantially increased machine service life.
  • The comprehensive spectrum of well-conceived machine types and models will allow you to find the product which is tailored to your need and budget.
  • Especially our portal-type measuring machines, in tandem with the wide variety of optional machine and software components offered, ensure bespoke solutions and maximum efficiency.


Whether you intend to measure workpieces of special shapes and sizes, whether you wish to accommodate specific customer requirements, or whether you need to employ metrological means in unusual circumstances or conditions – we will help you get where you want to be! We will, for example:

  • adjust our standard measurement methods and machines to suit your specific needs,
  • devise additional, customised machine functions and features and/or software tools,
  • develop and manufacture new machine models exactly to your specifications (please refer to the paragraph on the aviation and aerospace industry as an example).
  • Just let us know your requirements in light of the measurement challenges you face – and our specialist team will join forces, making your challenge their challenge and responsibility. The optimum solution is just one mouse click or phone call away. Please put us to the test … and allow us to do the rest!