A large CNC projector with scanning probe was developed specially for the aerospace industry on which turbine wheels are measured with high precision.


Since the time of Otto Lilienthal and the Wright brothers, aviation has made significant advances. Aircraft construction was among the first industries worldwide to experience the wind of progress beneath its wings. Due to the innovative achievements of that time, we can today overcome long distances on planet Earth and even venture into outer space. However, until an aircraft is »ready for take-off«, it must be tested to rigorous quality and safety standards – from the stage of design and development to maintenance, repair and overhaul. We will be pleased to support you in the fulfilment of high-flying challenges – and have a lot to offer in this respect: Whether you choose our highly precise shaft or multisensor measuring machines or large projectors from the standard range or whether you prefer customised solutions: Schneider products will lift your quality up where it belongs.

Flying high with a deep focus on qualitiy:

For measurements of broaching and milling profiles, such as drop-shaped profiles or fir tree profiles, depth of focus is of critical importance. The principle to be borne in mind is this: The larger the object to be measured, the greater the risk of image distortion. Thanks to their considerable image distance, large projectors developed by Schneider provide unambiguous measuring results down to the tiniest detail; they ensure maximum reliability of measurement and thus optimum product safety.

Enormously high quality and safety standards – from development through production right up to maintenance – have to be satisfied in the aerospace industry before a product is “Ready for take-off”. Business in which we support you with high-precision large projectors, multisensor measuring machines or individual special measuring machines.

Safety is measurable:

The geometric measurement of aircraft engines is an extremely demanding task: Turbine blades and wheels are characterised by complex geometries and free-form surfaces that need to have extremely close tolerances for safety reasons. Our products are ready for master this metrological challenge. No matter what type of aircraft engine is involved, at Schneider Messtechnik you can rely on the precision of proven technologies and the know-how of an experienced crew. From the development through to the production. From the complex precision casting up to the special clearing profile.

The sky is the limit:

Think big: Typical of the aerospace industry are the high demands and enormous dimensions that even our machines can only satisfy with special designs. For example, we have developed a 5m x 5m x 8m CNC 6-axis large projector with scanning probe for a leading company from the aerospace industry on which engine turbine wheels with a diameter of 1.40 m and weighing 500 kg are measured with absolute precision. We will be happy to elaborate an equally appropriate and cost-effective solution for your major projects.