Machine and Plant Engineering

In machine and plant engineering, multisensor coordinate measuring machines can be used to measure turned, milled and blanked parts or castings and to document the results for quality control.


Machine and plant engineering forms the core of Germany’s industrial competence. As world market leaders, German companies develop, build and operate plants and components of the highest complexity. Particularly here, Industry 4.0 especially artificial intelligence calls for an immense bandwidth of fields of application and enormous flexibility, not least also from the measurement technologies employed. Schneider measurement devices and machines offer you exactly this flexibility – precise down to the last detail, intuitive, time-saving and cost-effective.

True all-rounders:

Objects to be measured differ significantly in the mechanical and plant engineering sector. Instruments made by Schneider easily measure up to this challenge: They are flexible in use, convenient to handle as well as accurate and precise in terms of results. Schneider machines reveal their strengths exactly where they are needed.

You wish, we build

Whether you manufacture your own products or are engaged in toll manufacturing: Schneider Messtechnik offers you all the possibilities, from development to production, from short runs through to mass production – and machines designed specially for universal industrial application. With our multisensor coordinate measuring machines, for example, you can precisely measure a very wide range of turned, milled and blanked parts or castings, even in the middle of the harshest production processes and document the result in detail for the subsequent quality control.

Fast results

Quick to learn, easy to operate – that is our motto when it comes to the development of our measuring devices and the corresponding software. Simple handling and the intuitive user prompts guide you and your employees to the desired result in just a few steps – even with frequently changing shapes, sizes and objects.