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Our measuring devices are multi-talents. They measure e.g. turned and milled parts, continuous casting or deep-drawing tools made from a wide variety of materials and with differing surfaces.


The above branches represent only a small extract from the possible fields of application of Schneider Messtechnik’s measurement technologies, because apart from the technical highlights, our measurement devices and machines impress in particular with their high flexibility and universality. They are suitable for use in practically all sectors and branches of industry where they contribute to optimum quality control and assurance worldwide.
For example

  • In the steel and metal processing industry
  • In the foundry industry
  • In tool and mould making
  • In the plastics and wood processing industry

Genuine multi-talents

There are innumerable examples of the wide range of potential applications of Schneider measuring machines and measurement devices. Finally our measurement technologies allow a vast array of dimensional parameters, shapes, surfaces and materials to be exactly scanned, precisely measured and closely examined. For example

  • Turned, milled and blanked parts, injection mouldings, continuous casting or deep-drawing tools
  • Film circuit boards and other electronic contacts, a wide variety of (drive) shafts, profiles, machine components or tools
  • Homogeneous and inhomogeneous surfaces
  • A vast array of materials such as sheet steel, titanium, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc.

Top quality

In all our measuring equipment, we use only high-quality components, processed with the greatest care and precision. This assures you of practically maintenance-free operation and an above-average machine service life, irrespective of your applications.