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23. November 2020

Overcome Physical Boundaries Together

Online services – a worthy alternative in this special time! In light of the extraordinary nature of the challenges the world is currently facing, we at Schneider Messtechnik have evolved and expanded our online service offering so that today’s circumstances have no chance of interfering with our service to you. It is, therefore, now easier […]

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11. November 2020

Tested and Certified!

ISO 9001:2015 re-confirmed. Since 1996, Schneider Messtechnik has been consistently certified to standard DIN/ISO 9001. So far, so good … and even better because formal certification from outside is one thing, dedication from within is another! To us, quality management matters as a meaningful internal resource, so it plays a key role in everything we […]

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16. September 2020

AMB canceled – not with us!

AMB canceled – not with us!

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27. March 2020

WMM-Series: Complete high-tech shaft measurement on just one machine

Complex shafts measured simply – without reclamping – all on one machine

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4. March 2020

Market for refurbished equipment of Schneider Messtechnik

Sustainability thanks to long-lasting Schneider measuring machines.

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20. December 2019

Breaking news: excitement at Schneider!

Santa Clause at Schneider Messtechnik

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6. December 2019

Saint Nicholas at Schneider Messtechnik

Saint Nicholas was at Dr Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH in Bad Kreuznach and has left a present for the employees.

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13. July 2012

TMM 600 taktile measurement machine

Schneider Messtechnik, one of the leading manufacturers of multisensor measurement machine and projects, took a completely new approach to the development of the new TMM Series, a pure tactile measurement machine.

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10. July 2012

M3 measurement software: Measurement software with image processing on touchscreen panel PC

Simply touch and measure: With the M3 measurement software, DR. HEINRICH SCHNEIDER MESSTECHNIK is setting new standards in handling and precision for the precise, manual measurement of geometric elements using camera-based measurement devices in the entry-level class.

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M2 measurement software: Measurement software with and without edge sensor on tablet PC

Precise, manual measurement of geometric parameters with multi-touch application.

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