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3. March 2021

Schneider Messtechnik is poised for the future with a dual leaderhip team

Since 1 January 2021, Andreas Strobel has joined the management of Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH. The focus of Mr Strobel, a 42-year-old graduate in industrial engineering, is on sales, marketing and service. Together with Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Kleuver, he now forms Schneider‘s dual leadership team. Andreas Strobel brings with him extensive experience in the fields […]

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24. February 2021

How about the gaps between your teeth?

Fast and precise measurement of shaft teeth/splines – with Schneider’s self-centring feature! Would you like to measure splines? Well then, nothing could be easier if you opt for a machine of Schneider’s WMM series! Thanks to perfectly calibrated and mutually attuned sensors, reliable measurement of splines, shapes and effective diameters becomes a real breeze: The […]

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18. February 2021

Second-hand machinery purchase is a matter of trust!

… and therefore, Schneider Messtechnik boasts a long track record of cooperation with the internet platform “” when it comes to selling used machines to interested buyers. Trust plays a crucial part in the used-equipment business, and so Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH underwent the stringent multi-level audit process required by the “” online platform […]

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10. February 2021


Triangulation laser – fast profile scanning, also for deformable surfaces Would you like to scan known and unknown contours with a large number of measurement points – fast and without the need of a single touch? At the same time, would you like to enhance collision protection in your measurement room by relying on automatic […]

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3. February 2021

Happy Chinese New Year

The entire team of Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik would like to sendour warmest regards and all the best for New Year Eve. Sincerely,The Team ofSchneider Messtechnik

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27. January 2021

Congratulations to the winner of the Christmas Quiz!

After several years of presence on the IndustryArena forum, Schneider was pleased to be among the sponsors of the Christmas Quiz held in December. The quiz met with great participation, and we are delighted to announce that we have just picked the lucky winner among all those who found the correct answer to the brain […]

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20. January 2021

Brilliant performance on reflective materials

White-light sensors – the first choice not only for specular surfaces Are you looking for a reliable method of measuring critical and highly critical workpieces? Then we have got the perfect solution for you: A Schneider’s chromatic white-light sensor will help you accomplish the most sensitive of tasks with ease, such as measuring the thickness […]

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13. January 2021

Welcome 2021!

Schneider Messtechnik takes pleasure in announcing that we are back from our annual year-end holidays in partly wintry weather. So it’s welcome 2021 – on behalf of the whole Schneider staff, we wish you all a happy and above all healthy new year! A magic dwells in each beginning, says German poet Hermann Hesse, and […]

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16. December 2020

2020: Good reasons to say THANK YOU

In this very special time, we all look back at a year unlike any other we have ever experienced before. We at Schneider are happy and grateful that we are continuing to do well, and we are also “well” aware that we owe part of this well-being to you! So thank you for mastering this […]

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10. December 2020

10.12. Advent calendar of the Lions Club Bad Kreuznach

A long lived tradition in the Allit Group was continued on 1.12. The first doors of the Kreuznach Advent calendar 2020 of the Lions Club Bad Kreuznach were opened with excitement and the approximately 500 employees of the companies Allit AG Kunststofftechnik, Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH, Allit Technologie GmbH and Carl Ackva GmbH are […]

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