In calibration laboratories, dimensional parameters are recorded and evaluated using our measurement projectors, 3D multisensor measuring machines and measuring microscopes.


Precision plays a particularly vital role in the field of calibration, where high demands have to be simultaneously met at several levels. If your customers manufacture and/or use precision products, they heavily rely on your expertise in calibration procedures and test equipment management. Internationally recognised standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001 establish stringent quality criteria to which your company should be able to measure up. An intact QM system involves ongoing inspection, testing and documentation also of reference parts and calibration standards, not least as proof of compliance with accountability requirements for forthcoming audits.

Measurement equipment on which calibration professionals can rely down to the closest tolerances is, therefore, in high demand. Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH provides you and your customers with the high-calibre reliability you need to succeed. Without »ifs« and »buts« – and with many years of proven precision practice in innumerable calibration laboratories and bureaus of weights and measures.

Efficiency (para)meters included:

Highest accuracy and precision, universal use and a documentation procedure which leaves nothing to be desired: Schneider Messtechnik provides support for all your calibration needs in compliance with any and all applicable rules and regulations. Our measuring instruments deliver reliable, consistent results, and they are tailored to the yardstick of efficiency.

Multifunctionality as standard

With our universal measurement devices and machines, you can record and examine a vast array of dimensional parameters and evaluate them down to the last detail. The best example: The machines from our WMM-Series. They allow you to measure the length, diameter, radii, angles and chamfers of rotationally symmetrical parts in a single work step.

Full documentation

Whether scanning, calibration or test equipment management: Schneider Messtechnik offers you full documentation of all relevant processes – integrating, if necessary, your own calibration forms. You and your customers thus receive meaningful results that you can rely on one hundred percent and which you can use as references at any time.