Schneider 360°

The real-virtual demo centre of Schneider Messtechnik

Visit the Schneider Messtechnik technical centre on the occasion of our 75th anniversary!

We welcome you LIVE for the first time from our real-virtual demo centre … our “Technikum” in Bad Kreuznach!
Be prepared for a highly interesting time because you will have the unique opportunity to discover the entire SIMPLY PRECISE portfolio of Schneider Messstechnik in one go.
Each device presented in our showroom will be available to you to explore, along with customised information and advice from our metrology specialists. Each exhibit will have its own touchpoint where you can get “in touch” with us. We can’t wait to share and exchange information, ideas, insights and insider knowledge with you about industry topics, trends and tailormade technologies. If you have a specific metrological question or if you are facing a particular measurement challenge, we will be pleased to provide comprehensive expert support and advice!

A warm welcome!
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Enjoy your stay with inspiring insights!

The team of
Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH