Oldies but Goldies

Schneider’s pre-owned machines offer a host of benefits!

Are you considering or looking to buy a second-hand machine? If so, you can congratulate yourself on a great idea because well-used and carefully overhauled machines offer lots of benefits. Pre-owned Schneider machines deliver unbeatable value for money, and they come with a 6-month warranty including an official factory certificate.
If you purchase such a senior device from Schneider, all the benefits of a high-quality product will be yours to enjoy. You will receive a professionally overhauled and completely cleaned device that has undergone stringent final testing so that it is fully functional and thus fit for use without any loss of performance. Of course, we can also deliver the technically feasible configuration adjustments you require.  

Please feel free to look around and check out our current offer of second-hand machines: Second Hand – Refurbished like new

Convinced? Interested? – We look forward to your enquiry and to answering any further questions you may have!

Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH

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