Snowflakes in the Limelight on the “Stage”: Intuitive High-Precision Measurement in a Matter of Seconds!

1. December 2021

“Precisely” one week ago, we launched our first riddle about our measuring devices. The question to be answered was:
Which of the devices made by Schneider Messtechnik is in fact capable of measuring a snowflake with 2D optical means, enormous speed, high precision and reproducible measurement results?
Now with the first snow falling here in Bad Kreuznach, it’s time for the solution!

The following options were available to help you answer the question and thus solve the riddle: 

  1. V-CAD series
  2. Projector series
  3. Workshop microscope
  4. PLT2

The correct answer is… 1) V-CAD series:

  • So fast – put the workpiece on the stage and see the measurement results on the spot!
  • So easy – Automatic dimensioning and automatic parts recognition included!
  • So variable – 8.0 x 6.5 mm up to 500 x 200 measurement range on the stage!

This is the unique mix of benefits on which our clients rely: They want reliable measurement results “in no time” and go ahead speedily with their work. The measurement software of the devices in the V-CAD series recognises the workpiece all by itself and then starts the measurement process!
Curious? Want to know more about the V-CAD series? Then click here for all the details: V-CAD

Thank you for joining the riddle-solving community! Keep following us and stay tuned.

Are you currently tackling, or about to tackle, a specific measurement task? Then why not get in touch with us and benefit from our unique expertise accumulated over 75 years of experience in optical and multisensor measurement technology!

Time is scarce and/or the travel distance to us too long? Well then, how about taking advantage of our specially devised “shortcut” solution? Thanks to our leading-edge camera system, you can see all our products and processes in action with your own eyes. We are even equipped to run test measurements via video call – what faster or more convenient “way” could there be for you to reap the benefits of top-notch metrology!

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We wish you a good start into this year’s last month!

Until next week … and stay well,

The Team of
Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik – SIMPLY PRECISE

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