V-CAD product video in the making

2. March 2023

The technical settings are ready and the first recordings are already in the box.

Flap and action: Since the beginning of this week the video filming of our 2D-optical V-CAD 300 CNC lightning is taking place. With the Lightning technology, flashing has found its way into the V-CAD series from Schneider Messtechnik and serves as a foolproof entry into the world of lightning-fast measurement of flat components.

We show that the new edition of the V-CAD 300 CNC lightning does not have to hide at all from its predecessors. Quite the opposite! The new multifunction incident light performs to the fullest with its flashing feature. (Remember: flashing is not stitching. Flash makes stitching faster because it takes pictures on the move). This allows for the sharpest shots while in motion.

We’ll also show the advances in SAPHIR’s learning programming with the Quick Detect (QD) feature.

We’re excited – Check back here soon for updates on the filming process right through to the finished video.

Yours team of Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH – SIMPLY PREICSE

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