WMX Series

Optical X-press shaft measurement machines

WMX Series – fast optical shaft measurement

Speed and accuracy as a powerful team
Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik combines more than 75 years of experience in the sector for length Measurement with state-of-the-art matrix camera technology in an innovative, lightning fast shaft measurement machine from the new WMX series. In conjunction with the tried and tested SAPHIR measurement and analysis software, the new machine represents a versatile testing tool that will give your quality assurance processes a decisive edge over the competition.

Benefits of WMX Series

  • High process safety
    Matrix camera technology combined with the fully integrated rotation axis allows the measurement of 3D features with enormous point density for high reproducibility at impressive speeds.
  • Highest efficiency with X-press measurements
    Flash-supported images taken while the camera is moving creates a complete rendering of the entire workpiece in seconds. The exact timing of camera exposure and flash guarantees sharpest images for robust measurement results.
  • Smart solutions for more versatility
    The various measurement ranges in terms of length and diameter, as well as a sophisticated and use-related selection of clamping tools guarantees readiness for any measurement task.
  • Certified software for more confidence
    The measurement machines of the WMX series come with the PTB-certified measurement and analysis software SAPHIR. SAPHIR combines a wide range of measurement functions with an intuitive learning-based programming for the stitched image or 3D model – SAPHIR has it all.

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