A clever move for your machine

17. March 2021

Wireless. Flawless. Effortless. Touch the future with a joypad at hand!

The benefits couldn’t be more obvious as they are right at your fingertips: Thanks to a smart combination of a joystick and a tablet, meaningful work becomes enjoyable play. Gone are the times when you had to stand by a digital readout “to wait and see” – NOW is the time to operate Schneider’s tactile measuring machines wirelessly: with a virtual motion joystick! The machine elements can be conveniently moved as required, all elements are reliably measured, and the results are shown on the integrated display. This provides maximum freedom of movement for you and at the same time perfect visualisation of all relevant data.

Would you like to see for yourself what the joypad can do for you? Then please feel free to watch our video on easy, wireless measurement and discover the magic of meticulous motion control!

Yours team of
Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH

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