Metrology in Medical Technology

10. March 2021

WMM never errs from the straight and narrow – this approach pays off, especially when it comes to medullary nails!

Where would people today be without modern medical technology… The range of artificial spare parts is nowadays as diverse as are the needs of every individual. Those who know first hand from experience on their own body are well aware how serious and complicated a bone fracture can be and how important it is to join the broken ends together with perfect accuracy and thus with due consideration of the patient’s anatomy.

This human individuality is reflected and taken account of in the design variety of so-called intramedullary nails (in short also referred to as “medullary nails”). In order for these engineering masterpieces to deploy their full potential in the human body, fast and dependable measurement results are crucial in their manufacture: Stringent quality assurance is, therefore, key in this regard!

This rigorous quality assurance can be reliably ensured with optical metrology – a technique that delivers enormous advantages over purely tactile coordinate measuring devices. Would you like to see for yourself how the right measurement camera takes precision into focus? Then please watch our new Video:

When it comes to improving or restoring quality of life, precision becomes a measure of responsibility. This responsibility is our daily focus – we call this SIMPLY PRECISE.

Yours team of
Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH

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