Brilliant performance on reflective materials

White-light sensors – the first choice not only for specular surfaces

Are you looking for a reliable method of measuring critical and highly critical workpieces? Then we have got the perfect solution for you: A Schneider’s chromatic white-light sensor will help you accomplish the most sensitive of tasks with ease, such as measuring the thickness of glass, lenses or medical ampoules.

Light-absorbing objects with matte, black surfaces also pose no measurement obstacle to this sensor: Non-contact acquisition of free-form surfaces as well as measurement of microstructures is just a breeze for the chromatic white-light sensor combined with Schneider’s 3D multisensor portal-type measuring machines.

Whether it’s highly reflective, absorbing, transparent, touch-sensitive or low-contrast workpieces: The white-light sensor will be the right choice for you!

Would you like to know more? Then please feel free to delve into the fascinating world of chromatic confocal measurement with our video!

Get more information here: White light sensor

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