Modern Pentathlon: Junior European Championship with the PLT2 in Bern

7. July 2021

From 28 June to 04 July 2021, the National Federation of Swiss Modern Pentathletes (Pentathlon Suisse) held its Junior European Championship in Modern Pentathlon in Berne, Switzerland. 119 athletes up to age 21 as well as almost 60 trainers and coaches from 19 different European nations joined the competition.

Modern Pentathlon is the most traditional sport of all Olympic disciplines. The competition is run in accordance with the rules established by UIPM (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne), the global umbrella organisation for all national sport federations for Modern Pentathlon and Biathle (swimming and middle-distance running). The Junior European Championship covers the following disciplines:

  • Swimming: 25m-long indoor swimming pool / 5 lanes.
  • Fencing: Épée round robin (i.e. each competitor plays in turn against every other), with the first touch winning in a round of no more than one minute.
  • Horse-riding: 400m-long show-jumping course with 10 – 12 obstacles no higher than 120 cm (for juniors, the height is max. 100 cm).
  • Running: Athletes need to cover a distance of 4 x 800m, and 4 x 5 hits per round must be scored on Precision Laser Target PLT2. There are shorter distances for younger athletes .
  • Shooting/Laser Run: Athletes need to cover a distance of 4 x 800m, and 4 x 5 hits per round must be scored on Precision Laser Target PLT2.

The PLT2 device was developed by Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH, a multiple award-winning German company and leader in non-contact measurement technology. Precise Laser Target PLT2 is the ultimate innovation not only for Modern Pentathlon, but also for military and other training environments as well as for various public functions and events known from the media. PLT2 features excellent precision, it is 100% compliant with the stringent UIPM rules and thus boasts the highest approval rating for use in competitions. Shooting with a coded laser is completely safe and even childproof so that there is no need for special safety measures in PLT2 shooting environments.

PLT2 has been well received, and it continues hitting the mark also in high-level competitions: The next bunch of PLT2 devices is now ready to leave the Schneider headquarters in Bad Kreuznach for being shipped to Tokyo! A three-strong Schneider Messtechnik team will also be present in Tokyo until 08 August 2021 to provide on-the-spot support.

Would you like to know more about the many benefits of Precision Laser Target made by Schneider Messtechnik? Then please click here:

Yours team of
Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH

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