The Benefit of Retrofit & Version 7 of Schneider’s U-SOFT SOLID ultra Tool

16. June 2021

Take your measuring machine to the next level and into the future!

Are you ready to discover the benefit of retrofit? Ready to measure up to the future? Then how about sending us your measuring machine for made-to-measure refurbishment! Just tell us about your work and requirements – and you can rest assured that we will modernise no more than you actually need.

Create, maintain or boost your competitive edge, keep abreast of progress, and upgrade the control and electronics/drive system of your machine: This alone will ensure maximum return on investment!

By the way, our clients appreciate that we have found ways not to waste their valuable time while working on their machines, so our offer to adjust suitable in-stock Schneider machines to the specific needs of each client and to take the clients’ devices in part exchange upon delivery is in high demand! This “swap solution” means there will be no idle shopfloors, yet maximum cost savings for our clients! And once they welcome the machine on their premises, they will find it to be perfectly fit for the future – at an affordably tailored SCHNEIDER price as usual. Might that be an option for you, too?

By the way, use of our high-performance tool U-SOFT SOLID ultra Version 7 will help you reap maximum overall benefit from your device!

Did you know? Since 2016, Schneider has been engaged in the ongoing in-house evolution of U-SOFT SOLID ultra, a former third-party tool previously installed on Schneider measuring machines under a licence agreement. Schneider’s newly released leading-edge resource U-SOFT SOLID ultra Version 7 offers a wealth of new features:

Revised user interface: Up-to-date, tidy design.
Optimised functionality for 3D elements as well as for dimensional and geometric tolerances.
Software-internal adjustment of model data (DXF, 3D) via optimiser functions.
Import of 3D model data via Rhino 7.
Integration with automation processes thanks to digital data input/output via hardware modules or Profinet in conjunction with the Support-4-SAPHIR software.
Simplified control and access to digital inputs/outputs.
Extended scheduler (programme flow control) thanks to OnError and EventText functionalities.
– Data input via configurable barcode interface.
Data export via configurable layout exports for statistics log data.
Continuous system monitor logging of operating and machine-specific data of the measuring machine. Based on this data, recommendations, warnings as well as measures to be taken by the user will be proactively issued and displayed on the screen.
Real-time view of machine data via network or mobile devices via MPA.

Have we piqued your interest? Then we look forward to responding to your enquiry! Our service is the answer to your needs, regardless of whether you are looking for a smart yet affordable retrofit solution and/or for Schneider’s top-notch U-SOFT SOLID ultra Version 7!

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