The PMS Series: Your Crisis-Proof Partner in the Measurement of Critical to Highly Critical Workpieces

23. June 2021

Designed for tactile and multisensor measurement operations

If you wish to measure critical or highly critical workpieces, the PMS series developed and manufactured by Schneider Messtechnik will offer the right choice for you!

With a PMS machine, you will be able to reap all the benefits afforded by our seasoned solutions for sensitive measurement tasks and to experience a perfect blend of reliability and speed when it comes to measuring

  • thicknesses of glass objects, lenses or medical ampoules,
  • light-absorbing objects with matte black surfaces or
  • free-form surfaces requiring non-contact metrological procedures.

Thanks to the use of a white-light sensor, Schneider’s bridge-type 3D measuring machines deliver impeccable measurement results of highly reflective surfaces and microstructures, to give just two examples. The air-bearing models PMS LL are the “top of the crop” in terms of performance and will help you obtain measurement results of unparallelled accuracy and precision.

That said, the machines in the PMS series are not the only devices that blend the best of two worlds: Thanks to a smart combination of optical and tactile 3D measuring systems, all of Schneider’s multisensor devices feature exceptional probing versatility so that the optimum measuring tool is always within easy reach. This not only saves times, but will even enable you to perform measurement tasks that you formerly considered impossible or incompatible.

Are you currently engaged in a specific measurement task or project where our expertise could be of assistance to you? Then please get in touch with us – we will be delighted to provide expert advice based on our wealth of experience gained over 75 years of company history!

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