For perfect communication between master and slave.

Advanced automation technology ensures optimum utilisation of Schneider measuring machines

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • 24/7 available
  • Retrofittable at any time

Automation – benefits at a glance

  • Ample options for smooth integration of robots or cobots, gantry/portal loaders or conveyor belts.
  • Integration of different handling systems to fit your needs..
  • Unattended measurement in the work cell ensures hassle-free and reliable manufacturing processes.
  • Enhanced process flow and thus maximised throughput in quality assurance.
  • Process monitoring and control are reliably performed by the measuring machine.
  • Flexible production processes to boost your efficiency.
  • Smart automation: Your master key solution for all-time hassle-free manufacturing. Affordable automation made by Schneider, perfect products made by YOU!

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