M2 measurement software

M2 Description

Intuitive multi-touch application for profile or measurement projectors

With the M2 measurement software, Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik is setting new standards in handling and precision for the manual measurement of geometric parameters using a profile or measuring projector.

Inspired by smartphone and tablet applications, an intuitive multi-touch application has been developed that can be learned in a minimum of time. The software impresses with a clear user interface – without hidden sub-menus. Measured elements are shown true-to-scale in the partial view. Designs and relations are created by simply touching the measured elements in the plot. Comprehensive tolerance checks of the elements to DIN/ISO and clearly structured data protocols are also integrated.

The M2 measurement software naturally also supports an optional edge sensor in order to achieve even more accurate measurement results, or the use of a foot pedal (optional) for recording of measurement points or as an enter key for calculation of an element.

Creation of the measurement programmes

The measurement routine is automatically saved in a programme. For repeat measurements, simply press the “Programme run” button and the measurement starts. A graphic interface guides the operator with direction arrows to the stored measurement points.

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