MV 600

Description MV 600

Modern measuring projectors from Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik have an outstanding position and set standards with respect to precision, accuracy and durability. They align and set standards with respect to precision, accuracy and durability. The sophisticated, rigid design of the whole system, the M2 measurement software included as standard on a tablet PC and not least the high-precision edge sensor form an ideal combination for quick and precise use in production and in the measurement room. Thanks to the simple, intuitively learned operation, this is a precision measuring device for a large group of users with clear benefits thanks to the measurement in the immediate vicinity of the production. They significantly reduce your non-productive times and save you hard cash.

Basic configuration of the MV 600

  • Large image of the workpiece
  • Fast adjustment of the measurement table
  • 3-lens turret for different lenses
  • 600 mm projection screen with engraved cross hairs
  • LED transmitted light illumination

Optional equipment for the MV 600

  • M3 measurement software with multitouch panel PC and image processing
  • LED incident light illumination, dimmable
  • Digital angle display for the turning device of the projection screen
  • Laterally offset pillar and manual SK50 pivot axis for measurement of tools with large diameters
  • Telecentric lenses from 5x to 100x
  • Further options available on demand

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