Self-centering probing

Fast, precise and self-centering with our shaft measurement machines.

Measurement of splines, forms and pitch diameters thanks to perfectly inter-calibrated sensors

  • One machine for all your measurement needs
  • High density of measurement points
  • Minimisation of non-productive times

WMM series – benefits at a glance

  • Sturdy granite base for reproducible measurement results – ideal for use in production environments.
  • Mathematical integration of the rotation axis for optical 3D measurement.
  • Extremely fast camera for dynamic measurement in rotation.
  • 16-sector incident illumination for high-contrast edge representation and thus reproducible measurement results.
  • Patented wobble compensation for enhanced accuracy.
  • WMM series: Designed for “all-round” complete measurement of rotation-symmetrical workpieces (e.g. complex shafts). Ideal for saving time, space and money!

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