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Turn your measuring projector into a 3-axis or 6-axis CNC measuring machine! The SAPHIR measurement and analysis software now offers you all the functions of a fully automated programme routine and measured value recording. The measured elements are naturally then presented in a tabular and graphic measurement report or initial sample inspection report.

The latest digital technology and proven existing features were combined into a precision high-performance package in the latest generation of measuring projectors. The CCD camera integrated into the beam passage of the measuring projector offers significant benefits for handling and operation.

Clear, large projection of the workpiece on the ground glass screen and high-precision measured data acquisition in the image field of the camera Reliable measurement results thanks to high measurement point density Both the camera and the protection screen offer you the familiar live image Quick and simple comparison of camera image and the respective target contour for detection of possible deviations Reliable measurement of small radii and transitions Incident light measurements can be integrated into the programme routine.

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