V-CAD 300

The larger V-CAD model with moving table offers a measuring volume of up to 300 x 200 mm and alternatively the fully automated CNC mode.

Description V-CAD 300

Quick and precise measurement – simple and intuitive

Intuitive measurement made easy

Measurements don’t get much quicker or simpler than this. Choose the single-image field system of the V-CAD 60 (this covers a measuring range of up to 65 x 55 mm, without table movement), or the larger variant with moving table (V-CAD 300) and measuring volume of up to 300 x 200 mm that can alternatively also be used in fully automated CNC mode. Here you have a whole host of options when it comes to your 2D measurements. Depending on requirements, you can choose between the high-performance M3 measurement software packages, SAPHIR or the award-winning SAPHIR QD. Decades of experience in building high-precision multi-sensor measuring machines have been incorporated into the developing and production of the V-CAD Series. You can count on us – Made by Schneider Messtechnik – Made in Germany – SIMPLY PRECISE!

Standard configuration of the V-CAD 300

  • 5 megapixel CCD b/w camera
  • Telecentric 4-step motor zoom
  • 4 different image fields for precise measurement
  • Telecentric LED transmitted light illumination
  • LED ring light illumination for incident light measurement
  • Multitouch panel PC with WIN7
  • LAN and WLAN network interface
  • M3 measurement software or SAPHIR QD measurement and analysis software
  • Works calibration certificate
  • Granite/aluminium sandwich design

Highlights of the V-CAD 300

  • Automatic recognition of control geometries without pre-selection
  • No alignment of workpieces in the image field
  • 4-step motor zoom for precise measurement of even the smallest features
  • Measurements every second

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