WMM 300 / WMM 450

WMM 300 / WMM 450 Description

Precision measurement of length and diameter, radii, angles, chamfers and all necessary geometric and positional tolerances with reduced throughput times and workpieces up to 1200 mm in length.

Fields of application of the WMM Series

With the machines from the WMM Series, you have a precision system for the measurement of rotationally symmetrical parts up to 2200 mm in length and a maximum diameter of 400 mm. In just one operation in the basic configuration, lengths and diameters, radii, angles, chamfers as well as all the required geometric and positional tolerances can be identified and measured.

All in one – the WMM Series also reduces your throughput times.

All in one – the WMM Series also reduces your throughput times! Fast measurement speeds, simple operation and the SAPHIR measurement and analysis software make this system the preferred partner for your workshop and measurement room. The distinct advantage over comparable systems is its high measurement accuracy, not only for diameters but also lengths, radii, chamfers and smallest contour details on rotationally symmetrical measurement objects. Furthermore, there is also the option of precise incident light measurement of blind bores, grooves and other contours and elements not measurable in transmitted light. Should this prove insufficient, a TP200 6-way touch-trigger probe can be integrated from WMM 300 and even an SP25 scanning probe from the WMM 450. The 2D shaft measurement machine then becomes a 3D shaft measurement machine. The mathematically integrated CNC rotation axis and the option of individually illuminating the measurement point with the switchable sector incident light guarantee a complete and consistently precise measurement. Furthermore, the complete measurement on the shaft measurement machine means that in many cases, no additional measurement devices are required. Both time and money are saved thanks to the elimination of transport and handling.

The modular principle of the WMM Series also facilitates customer-specific solutions.

Do you require a longer measuring length? A special clamping device? Or are there other requirements your measuring device needs to meet that are not covered by the standard configuration? No problem!Customer-specific solutions can be realised for all machines within the WMM Series; economic, efficient and meeting your measurement tasks 100 percent.

Benefits of the WMM Series

  • Fully integrated CNC pivot axis with mounts for SK40, SK50, HSK 63 or a customised interface
  • Sector incident light for measurements of grooves, oil channel bores, blind holes and milled contours
  • Optionally expandable with a tactile or scanning probe for special form measurements, e.g. gearings, non-cylindrically symmetrical contours, impeller wheels, etc.
  • Digitisation and BestFit for 2D and 3D measurements
  • Extensive range of clamping elements, such as fixed and travelling centres, precision jaw chucks and collets, hollow centres, etc.
  • SAPHIR shaft – the shaft measurement software sets standards in the measurement of shafts

Special features of the WMM Series

  • Measuring range in length up to 2200 mm and up to 400 mm in diameter
  • Ultra-fast measurement technology thanks to triggered measurements with a high-resolution CCD matrix camera and live images
  • High-precision measurement of lengths through camera focal axis, even outside the middle axis
  • “Teach-in” programming
  • Automatic generation of a measurement log with table and graphics, as well as initial sample test report according to VDA
  • Special customer-specific solutions available at attractive conditions

Highlights of the WMM Series

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Simple operation
  • Superb documentation
  • High measuring capacity
  • Ergonomic design with excellent accessibility

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