STP 500

STP 500 Description

STP 500 – optical presetting device

Simple operation and the highest precision


  • 15″ Touchscreen with “Windows® 7” operating system
  • Intuitive and simple operation of the measurement software
  • CMOS colour camera
  • Calibration unit on the basic frame
  • Quick adjustment of the axes (X / Z) individually or simultaneously
  • Fine adjustment of the axes (X / Z)
  • Spindle with 4×90° indexing


  • Measurement and presetting of the tools on the machine or production island

Scope of supply

  • Basic device with HSK 63 spindle, including calibration unit on the basic frame, cutting edge cleaner and touchpen

Innovative development from Schneider

The software VTP (Visual Tool Preset) as modern, intuitive multi-touch application for precise optical presetting of cutting tools from Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik sets a new standard in tool presetting and was designed specially for the hardware of the STP 500 presetting device – and thereby optimised to the demands of modern tool setting down to the last detail. No matter what tool you are measuring and in what tool holder, the integrated adapter management for any tool holders makes you highly flexible and allows you to keep everything in your sights at all times. The creation and saving of new adapters is also quite simple and requires no nested menus.

Thanks to the intuitive, flat and self-explanatory software interface, anyone can become a “VTP professional” in a minimum of time! A reduced environment with large buttons makes the VTP software a completely native multi-touch application. If required, “classic” operation with mouse and keyboard is also possible.

Intelligent measuring functions and print output

All measurement functions are tailored to the practice of day-to-day tool presetting down to the last detail But the development didn’t stop with the familiar old measurement functions; it continued from here to make them even better and more intelligent:

Template comparison for angles and radii with overlays superimposed on the live image. During the measurement of geometric elements such as circles/radii or intersection points, the VTP software automatically searches for suitable edges in the live image and immediately displays the corresponding result. The manual input or selection of certain (sub-)measurement areas within the live image is possible at any time by simply touching and “dragging”; the software then takes only tool edges in this selected area into consideration in the analysis.

Label printing can be configured at random to match different label sizes and for printing of all printers installed in the operating system.

Available measurement functions:

  • Fixed cross hairs
  • Dynamic cross hairs
  • Summation
  • Intersection with the horizontal
  • Intersection with the vertical
  • Theoretical tip
  • Focussing of a cutting edge
  • Intersection point
  • Radius / circle
  • Angle functions
  • Distance
  • Radius template
  • Angle template
  • Horizontal search beam
  • Vertical search beam

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